G-d IS.

  1. There is one G-d.
  2. There is only G-d.
  3. G-d is everywhere,
  4. G-d is everything.
  5. G-d is everybody.
  6. G-d is One.
  7. G-d is the All.
  8. G-d is you.
  9. G-d is me.
  10. G-d has always been.
  11. G-d will always be.

Now I am going to get a bit repetitious and maybe redundant. This is a big concept. It is hard to understand, but it is also the most simple and sublime teaching.

12. G-d is Nature.
13. G-d is Science.
14. G-d is knowledge.
15. G-d is education.
16. G-d  IS.