Better. More. Less.

We are ingenious at finding ways to separate ourselves from each other. We’ve  developed a highly complex system of judgment.

How’s that working for us?
I’m better, richer, more educated, fatter, skinnier, dependent, independent, spiritual, religious, than you are. I’m more evolved than you are. I have lighter skin than you do. I have darker skin than you do. My ancestry is better than yours. My culture is more artistic, civilized, peaceful, war-like, than yours.

If we are all G-d, how exactly are we better than one another? Or worse? Most of the conflicts we have with each other are based upon some idea of betterness, or correctness. My belief, or truth, is always more correct, and therefore better, than yours.

My argument here can be turned around, or even inside out: why is my concept of G-d, or of equality, better? Maybe these judgments’, these ways of separating ourselves, are good things. They make us feel good certainly. It’s always good to be better, right?

Isn’t just being G-d better than anything else could be? Or, is that just a lip service we have acquired that we don’t really believe? If thou art G-d than our personal and collective concepts of what is better, or what is worse, are washed out. Well, not completely. We believe that our belief, that being God, is better than their not being G-d. In fact, we believe that their belief is the root cause of all suffering.




— Stephan