Call it by any name,

. . . G-d, Self, the Heart, the Soul, the Seat of cosciousness.

it is all the same thing.

The point of it all is this:

The Soul means the very core of ones being,

the center, 

without which there is nothing what so ever.

~~ Sri Baba Ram Stephan

G-d IS

There is one G-d.

There is only G-d.

G-d is everywhere.

G-d is everything.

G-d is everybody.

G-d is One.

G-d is the All.

G-d is you.

G-d is me.

G-d has always been.

G-d will always be.

Now I am going to get a bit repetitious and maybe redundant. This is a big concept. It is hard to understand, but it is also the most simple and sublime teaching.

G-d is Nature.

G-d is Science.

G-d is knowledge.

G-d is education.

G-d  IS.


You Are GOD!!!

“Go out into the world and speak to
that of God in every person.”
~~ George Fox

“The world is ready for a mystic revolution,
a discovery of the God in each of us.”
~~ George Harrison

Om purnam adah purnam idam, purnat purnam udacyate,
purnasya purnam adaya purnam eva vashistate.”
“The One is always One,
Each Part of the One is a Complete Whole,
Each part of the Divine is also Perfect”
~~Sanskrit chant

When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying, and suddenly
realized that I was talking to myself.”
~~Author Unknown

“God is not what you have to become, 
but what you are  –  in spite of yourself.”
~~ Alan Watts

“Thou art God.”
~~ Valentine Michael Smith