You and I and everyone else, are God

It’s not a new idea you know.
Jesus himself said that “I and the Father are One,” and if he, a Rabbi
from a (then) obscure religion in a backward country is, then we all
are or can be. George Fox (one of the founders of the Religious
Society of Friends (Quakers)
) said, ” Go out into the world and answer
to that of God in everyman.” Hindu’s greet one another with the word,
“Namaste,” which means something like “the God within me greets
the God within you..”

Someone in Satsung suggested that divinity is an energy field
— like the Force. It surrounds us; it’s inside of us; we breathe
and drink and eat it.

Someone else said that “God is perfect.”
Sorry, no God’s or Goddesses are perfect. The Judeo-Christian
God is supposed to be (and believers in Him are required to
believe that)
, but no, even a casual reading of the  Tenach (what
Christians refer to as the Old Testament) reveals a God of many,
many faults, many listed as forbidden behavior in His own laws
(He’s a “do as I say, not as I do” sort of God). I won’t go into that
in detail. As you read further into SiaSL, you’ll encounter Jubal’s
commentary on this.

The Greco-Roman Gods are great examples.
They’re always breaking the rules. The Celtic pantheons are
no better. Hindu Gods do things a mink breeder wouldn’t
tolerate. 🙂 In every mythos it’s the same: the God’s are the
mirror images of ourselves. Or we can say that God is made
in our own image (and then the opposite is true to – if we are
made in the image of God, then that’s why we
act like him).

We’re all fledgling Gods here.
We’re learning how to be Gods, and unlearning how not to
be. It’s, as Pappaji said, a lifetime learning experience. We
will make mistakes. That’s part of the learning process. Hopefully,
we’ll learn from each other, and grow in perfect love and
perfect trust If we just grok that small part, we are half way there.

Ok, so let’s say that one or more of you
are thinking: “No, I could never believe that. I’m not a God and can
never be one and none of these folks
are either.”  Well, that’s your
choice. Just as a Cancer cell chooses to follow the ways of Cancer,
then you too are choosing to serve the dark side. That’s your choice.

We all have free will after all.


— Stephan