We are ONE

If we are one with the “All Mother,” then we are one with the G-ddess, the G-ds the planet, the Universe (“the Universe is YOU”) and with our fellow Earthlings. These are the “G-ds” we serve, and by doing so, we also serve ourselves; the collective (G-d); the “All Mother,” “The People” (or cymru). Have you seen the movie Avatar. Funny how these concepts are dovetailed into this particular modern mythos, even down to some of the terminology.

The G-ds, whether Celtic, Roman, Greek, Indian, Norse, etc., were originally made up by someone. Early literature; novels; stories, were spun around fictional characters who later became deified. In some cases (and this seems especially true of the Celts), some of these heroes actually lived, and the stories glorified their deeds. As these heroes became entrenched in human consciousness, supernatural elements or powers became attached to them, and new myths emerged.

Are they real? You betch’a they are! The Earth Mother is a G-ddess. She is very real. Did we create her? Yes – gazillions of years ago, in a force we unleashed called “the big bang.” But we forgot. Over time, we forgot who we are, what we are. Lost in the illusion of our separateness, we see our fellow gods as something bigger/better than we are. We’ve fallen into a deep sleep of individuality, a denial of both our humanity and our deity. The old ones and the archetypes call unto us: wake up, brothers and sisters, wake up! Join us once again, as you did many ages past. Join us in the great link (‘mahaan kadee).


— Stephan Gabriel