Secrets of G-d

Who, or what is G-d?

Most people (at least those among the monotheistic faiths) will say that G-d is

  • Omnipotence: unlimited power or authority.
  • Omnipresence:  being everywhere and in every time (past, present, future) concurrently.
  • Omnibenevolence:  unlimited or infinite benevolence.
  • Omniscience:  knowing all things including the unknowable.

Omnipotence is a given. G-d is the final authority in all things, due because G-d is also omniscient.  Omnibenevolence is a major attribute of G-d, one that G-d expects all of human kind to be as well.

Omnipresence though, is the real clue to G-d’s true existence. G-d is everywhere (that means all of the Universe(s)), simultaneously, G-d is also present in all time. G-d is here now, exists in the past, and exists in the future.

How does that even work?

Sentient beings, like humans or like the other beings we assume are dominant on other planets throughout our galaxy and all the universes, exist everywhere.  They are a part of Nature.  Nature exists everywhere. Matter exists everywhere and energy exists everywhere.  Simultaneously, all of these things are also manifest in the past, the present and the future.

The evidence is clear therefore: We are G-d.  We are the collective divinity. Because we are a collective (you might say the ULTIMATE collective), we are everywhere, in all places, in all times. Because we are a collective, we know all things.  Because we are a collective, we are the ultimate power, we are the creator, we are Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva, and collectively we fulfill all those roles, of Creator, Moderator and Destroyer.

We are G-d. G-d is us.  Each individual Soul, which is the real you (in contrast to the Ego. which is the false you- the illusion you have been taught to accept as you) is also the only Soul.  There is ONE SOUL.  We all share that one Soul.  Druids call this truth Be’al. Hindus call it Brahma (not to be confused with Brahman). All matter, all energy is Brahma – is G-d.  G-d is all matter and all energy.

Are we separated from G-d?

This is a false dogma that some religions teach.  We are not separate from G-d. That is impossible. We are manifest as Soul, and there is only one Soul, and we are that Soul.  The worst and falsest teaching is that G-d has a rule book that is full of laws that are impossible for humans to obey, so therefore we are separate from G-d, because his holiness can not tolerate us. That friends, is hogwash. But in a certain sense it is true, because some people believe it to be true.  EGO is what separates you from G-d.  Carrying around this idea that your individuality is what makes you unique – that is the ego talking. That is a lie.

Self = Soul; the one and only Soul, which we also reference as G-d.

For the most part, we have all been brainwashed starting when we were toddlers.  We were taken to Church, or to the Synagogue or to the Mosque, and we were fed this lie that there is this guy up in the sky who is constantly judging you and at any time will smite you. Most people have that belief.   It is something you have learned, therefore it can be unlearned. When you unlearn it, when you come to realize and embrace your true self – the supreme soul – that you along with the rest of the sentient beings in the Universe(s), are G-d, then you will experience freedom and fulfillment. You will come to realize your part in the cosmos; the purpose and mission of your life in physical body.

In the Mishnah it reads, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  Now you know the truth. Be free!