Salvation comes from you knowing that you are God.  You cannot be saved from sin, because sin does not exist within you naturally. Sin only exists within those who do not know, or refuse to know, that they are God. In the natural state of man, he/she knows he/she is God.  When a child is born; when he/she is freed from the confinement of the womb; when the Self enters the body upon its first breath; that child knows, then and there, that he/she is God.

Then his parents and teachers educate him/her.  They teach that God is an entity outside of oneself.  They teach, and this seems to be nearly universal, that God is this big guy in the sky standing over us with a club, ready to smite us when we break one of his commands.  This same God breaks his own commandments on a practically minute by minute basis.

This is a lie.  This is the very worst of child abuse. But it is from this damnable dogma that a person needs to saved.  They say that it is a social construction designed to make people behave. So they use fear to make people behave.

How about using Love?  How about using the truth?

If everyone were taught the truth, that they are God, how would they treat others? Others who are also God?

I tell you – if this truth were embraced by, say, two-thirds of the planet – a critical mass – we would end poverty, we would end ignorance, we would end war.

We would have Peace on Earth.