You are G-d

You are G-d.

The thing is, you do not have to believe this for it to be true. You are G-d whether you choose to believe it or not. Truth does not waver. Truth is not dependent upon any other factors. Truth just is. The truth is you are G-d.  So is your sister, your brother, your mother your father, all of your aunts and uncles; all of your cousins; your parents and your grand parents.  Your neighbors are also G-d. Every sentient being walking on this planet is G-d.

Not all are awake. Not all have realized their self, their G-dness. Even though it doesn’t matter whether or not you choose to believe, belief does factor in. That’s why, even though everyone is G-d, not everyone acts like this is true.  That’s why you have murderers, war mongers, dirty politicians, people who will harm others.  They do not believe, so they cannot realize their own true self.  So long as they view G-d as someone outside, separate from themselves, they will do wrong things. They will hurt others. They will cause misery and suffering.

Beliefs are kind of like viruses. They spread from person to person. They can infect mass quantities of people. “You are G-d” is just such a belief. If you can embrace it, if you can realize it within your own self, your very soul, then you can spread this infection.  I believe that once a critical mass of people (maybe 10% of Earth’s population) come to realize and embrace the fact that they are G-d, the world will finally see peace, love, freedom and happiness. We will end poverty. We will end sickness. The Earth will become a paradise. We will retake Eden.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.