Is G-d stupid?

There is this idea prevalent in meta-physical circles that G-d, or as they are sometimes referenced, “the Universe,” does not hear negative words or phrases.  For example, if you say “I don’t want to be poor,” this theory says that what G-d hears is “I want to be poor.”  If you say, “I don’t ever want to be sick,” the Universe hears “I want to be sick.”  This theory says that basically G-d disregards what you are saying and instead hears the opposite of your intention.

I’m sorry, but this is hog wash. This is a lie.

When someone makes such a statement “The Universe does not (or cannot) hear negative words,” what they are saying is that G-d is stupid. The Universe does not understand the English language.

Do you honestly believe that G-d is stupid? STOP IT!

I will tell you this: G-d; the Universe; is not stupid. G-d understands everything you say and exactly what your intention is. The Universe fully and completely understands human language.  G-d fully and completely understands your intention regardless of how you state that intention.