So I received this out of the blue text

It came from somewhere in Humboldt County CA. (I’m changing names and details here so as not to out someone).

Him: “Hey, how are you?”
Me: “Who are you?”
Him: “This is Matt. Is this Kate?”
Me:  “No Kate here. My name is Stephen. You must have misdialed I guess.”
Him: “Oh, yeah. Sorry. How are you doing?”
Me: “Just like you and everyone else: being God.”
Him: “Ha, ha; what are you talking about?”
Me: “I’m talking about you and me and everyone else. We are God.”
Him:  “What is that a religion or something?”
Me: “Actually it’s science. Quantum Physics to be precise. God is everywhere and everything. God is Nature. You and I and everyone else is God.”
Him: “God doesn’t exist. You are a retarded Fuck.’
Me: “Go look in the mirror. Do you see yourself? You are seeing God.”
Him: “Retarded, retarded, retarded. God does not exist. Your retarded.”
Me:  “”You’re,” not “Your.” Lol!”
Me: ” So, what you are saying is that you do not exist?”
Me: “But, you do exist. You are texting me. You exist. God exists.”
Him:  “You are a dumbass.”
Me: ” Well, if that’s the way you feel about it, than that’s the way you feel about it. Is that the way you feel about it?”
Me: “I’m glad we sorted this out.  Keep in mind that YOU texted me.  You sort of asked for this conversation.”
Me: “Namaste!”  I hope you someday quit running away from your responsibilities, and come to realize that you are God.”

And then I blocked him. He will never call me again.  This is the thing that both Atheists, and Monotheists hold in common: they are both terribly, terribly wrong.